Asset Reliability Services and Training
 Asset Reliability Services and Training

Reliability Management

Reliability Management Ltd* was founded by Chris James. 

Chris is a graduate Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years experience implementing Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)  - a process used to improve the safety, reliability and cost effectiveness of physical assets through selection of the most effective maintenance techniques and one-off changes. Chris was employed directly for 11 years by the late John Moubray, founder of Aladon Ltd and author of the best-selling book on RCM2. During this period he helped develop Aladon's training materials (including content in the RCM book), ran Aladon's public RCM2 courses in the UK (around 50 such courses between 1997 and 2004), managed Aladon's worldwide network of licensees, acted as an expert for the central franchising organisation and applied RCM in a wide range of industries. Chris also developed and ran training courses to improve awareness of the range of condition-based techniques available, along with how to compare and evaluate these techniques based on technical feasibility and business impact.


This was followed by 10 years as a Maintenance and Reliability Expert with Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC), focussed more on upstream and downstream oil and gas equipment, both for Schlumberger and for external clients. During this period, Chris facilitated award-winning projects for two separate Oil and Gas clients in the Middle East.


Chris is able deliver a suite of RCM training and consulting services including:


- 3-Day Introductory Course in RCM

- 10-Day RCM Facilitators course

- Contract Facilitation of RCM projects


Chris is the only practitioner in Reliability Management. However, a network of trusted ex-colleagues from his past employment with Schlumberger and Aladon can be called upon if needed.


*Company registration number 9573469

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