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What is DORA? – Dynamic Operational Reliability Analyser – the New Standard for Maintenance Plans

Business is becoming ever more competitive, and customers and shareholders are getting more and more demanding. Reducing inefficiency and maximising cost effectiveness through an intelligent continuous improvement methodology will give you the competitive advantage you need

DORA provides the methodology and the tool set to optimise availability and cost effectiveness within your organisation by focusing on your processes and not just your assets.

High, Medium and Low criticality production processes need a knowledge bank and different methods to develop and optimise their maintenance concepts and plans.

For high criticality processes, a thorough and proven methodology (such as RCM) is needed. For lower criticality processes, a quicker and simpler solution can realise benefits more rapidly and at lower cost.

DORA will enable you to continuously increase your knowledge of your processes and assets in order that maximum operational benefits and cost effectiveness are achieved.



  • DORA makes reliability, continuous improvement and optimising processes a way of life.
  • DORA will allow you to continuously increase and build knowledge of your processes and assets.
  • DORA has the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances within your organisation (people, procedures, raw materials, operational matters, machines and cultures).
  • DORA is compatible with all RCM structures, guidelines, checklists, tips and tricks – you are not tied into one methodology.
  • DORA is JA1011/1012 compliant.
  • DORA results in improved Safety, Environmental Integrity, Product Quality, Reliability/Availability, Output, Efficiency, Asset Life and Cost Effectiveness.
  • DORA enables better Training, Teamwork, Ownership and Motivation of all individuals.
  • Multi staged approach is possible, depending on the need of the organisation, using:
    • QM – Quick Maintenance (for Low Criticality Processes)
    • ODM – Object Driven Maintenance (for Medium Criticality Processes)
    • Dynamic RCM – Dynamic Reliability Centred Maintenance (for High Criticality Processes)

Watch our video below to see how easy it is to use DORA. The video demonstrates and exlains Quick Maintenance (QM). QM is used for low criticality processes.




DORA History

From 2003 the European Reliability Centre ( has continuously developed and improved the DORA software and it has now evolved to version 4.0.

DORA is the product of collaboration with 16 reliability experts and production companies from many different market segments such as: steel, chemical, maritime, electrical power, hospitals, infra, oil & gas, food manufacturing, light & heavy engineering and rail.

DORA has Three Methodologies:

  • Dynamic RCM (High Criticality Processes)
  • Object Driven Maintenance (Medium Criticality Processes)
  • Quick Maintenance (Low Criticality Processes)

6 Levels are Available:































DORA Features

  • DORA is not just a piece of software! DORA is sold as a package that includes our expert, professional training covering our unique process driven Reliability Centred Maintenance methodology and use of the software. View our different levels of Training HERE.
  • DORA and our RCM training is JA 1011/1012 compliant.
  • DORA is flexible so you can start small (in terms of the level of software, the scope of your analysis, the number of users) and when you see the benefits, you will be able to expand at a rate you are comfortable with.
  • We will not sell the software as a standalone product, as we believe in ensuring you receive and operate a quality product with a quality methodology in a quality way.
  • Because DORA is hosted on our server, regular upgrades and updates can easily be made centrally. This means your version of DORA will always be up-to-date.
  • DORA is fully supported via a help desk and ticket system (for out of hours issues).
  • DORA is operated from a secure server that undergoes regular and rigorous penetration testing.
  • DORA servers are automatically backed up to protect your valuable data.

About Our DORA Partnership

We offer DORA as a partnership between 3 good friends and independent business owners who share the same principles and intentions to “make things better every day” for everyone we deliver a service to:

  • We are flexible to respond to client needs, yet we stick to important principles to maximise success for you.
  • DORA is a truly unique proposition with no comparable system in the market place.
  • We will provide international support.
  • We have all worked in maintenance and reliability for a long time, so we have a large network of colleagues we can call upon to meet higher levels of demand when it is necessary.
  • We are a network of small businesses working together passionately to serve our customers.
  • We do not have massive overheads.
  • We understand that delivery is all about you and your organisational needs.
  • We listen intently to understand your requirements.
  • We want you to learn to do it for yourselves, so you can become self sustaining on your continuous improvement journey, but we will be there to help and assist when you need it.
  • We may not always agree with you; but we will always work for your best interests.
  • We will TRAIN you effectively, and equip you to start making real gains and cost savings in the workplace immediately.


DORA Case Studies

To read our Case Studies click HERE.

If you would like to find out more about DORA and sign up for a free online account, please complete the form on the contact page of this website:


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