Asset Reliability Services and Training
 Asset Reliability Services and Training

RCM 3 Day Introductory Course

Course Overview

An awareness course designed for personnel who will be RCM review group members, and the Managers who are responsible for them and the assets under review.


Such personnel include Managers, Operators, Maintenance Technicians, Operations and Maintenance Supervisors, and Experts such as Process Engineers or Rotating Equipment Engineers. 


The course is fully compliant with SAE standards JA1011 and JA1012. It was developed by RCM experts at Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC) who were trained and certified by John Moubray in the 1990s and have practiced RCM ever since. It draws on examples from the Tutor's experience in a wide range of industries at SBC (10 years) and at Aladon (11 years).

Course Content

Subject matter covered includes:

- Background and Introduction including the evolution of maintenance, the history of RCM and reliability definitions

- Functions and performance standards

- Functional Failures

- Failure modes and root causes of failure

- Failure Effects

- The evaluation of Failure Consequences

- Procative Maintenance Tasks

- Default Actions (what if we cannot carry out a proactive maintenance task)

- Implementing and applying RCM

Delivery method 

Learning points are reinforced by examples. Discussion and engagement are strongly encouraged. Exercises are used at several stages to ensure main points have been assimilated.


A standard case study is included so delegates will have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt throughout the course.


Delegates will receive a comprehensive set of notes.


The course would normally be held at your site.Off-site facilities can be arranged if required

Delegate Numbers

Maximum number of delegates is 16

Course Tutor

Chris James

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