Asset Reliability Services and Training
 Asset Reliability Services and Training


Our objective is not just to train you, or just to carry out some RCM analyses. We recognise that RCM analyses are carried out with certain objectives in mind. Our goal is to help you ensure you meet those objectives and ensure you get real and sustained improvement from your assets and processes.


To this end we offer a range of support services. These are discussed briefly below.

RCM Facilitator Mentoring

The aim is to reinforce the facilitators training and ensure he/she is competent to carry out RCM analyses independently in the future.


Mentoring follows on from the 10 Day Facilitator Training Course. The tutor and facilitator work together during the first analyses to refine his/her knowledge of the process.


This is carried out with reference to a structured Facilitator Competency Matrix so that areas of improvement can be identified and communicated clearly.

RCM Auditing

There are two parts to an RCM audit. The first is about ensuring that the RCM process has been applied correctly. The second is about the managers who are responsible for the people and the equipment satisfying themselves that the decisions made are sensible and defensible.


We have extensive experience in these areas and are able to help with both aspects of the RCM audit

Implementation and Project Management

It goes without saying that the benefits of RCM will not be realised if the recommendations are not implemented. However, many organisations fail to implement their analyses (and then sometimes even question the value of the process).


There can be many reasons for lack of implementation. Some projects are not set up and managed properly during the analysis phase. In other cases, the implementation is not properly managed.


We have experience in both these areas and are able to assist with all aspects of RCM project and implementation management

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